Donny Got Barz™ -- Alabama Aftermath

I knew he would pull some shit like this. In a week where he was unable to push a GOP senate candidate over the finish line in the reddest state on the planet despite coming dangerously close considering that man is also probably a pedophile, we knew he would be a bit pissed coming into what he has up next.
I kept F5’ing his back-channel Twitter to see what we would get in response.  It seems we were only given 12 bars this week after a couple of weeks off.

     It seems this man lives to blame anyone but himself or anyone whose position he agrees with.
Roy Moore is Roy Moore’s problem.  He has openly longed for the days where slavery was a minor nuisance to the strongest time ever for American families, has pined to do away with very constitutional amendment after the 10th and most famously HAS MORE THAN LIKELY TRIED TO FUCK CHILDREN!
None of those are relevant to this situation.  The Democrats, they’re the red herring.  Obama, despite having been on the most epic vacation ever…
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True Story... Throwback Thursday

I am not “popular” but a lot of people seem to know who I am.  It is rare that I go out anywhere within an hour or so from my city that I don’t bump into SOMEONE I know.  Bear in mind for those of you who didn’t learn in elementary school that North and South Carolina are two different states, we do have paved roads and indoor plumbing here in NC and I live in the 68th-largest city in the US.
Back in November, Dollar General had Hot Wheels buy one get one free and I made a point of trying the stock in each of the 5 within five miles of my house.  On a random Friday morning I happened to have off burning up some time, I stopped into one of them and bumped into this girl I had some dealings with when I was 16 doing some before-school shopping with her apparently high school-age son.  I guess you could call it “puppy love,” but in 1995, she was a 'girlfriend' in my 16 year-old mind, at least for a little while.  More on that in a bit though.  I saw her and she s…
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Phood Phun with Phlip -- Egg Rolls; Keep the Rolls

Low-Carb living…

Sometimes you will come to things you’re used to having but can’t due to the vessel normally contained.  Egg rolls would be one of those things.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t take advantage of everything that normally goes on the inside, just that now you need to be prepared to eat with a fork instead.

Start with sautéing the fresh-grated ginger and garlic in the sesame oil:

In with the bag of coleslaw:

Once that is properly tender, you come in with the chicken:

Now is also time to construct a bit of a sauce:

Everyone in the pool, mix it all together and cook together, shredding the chicken in with everything else:

Garnish with some green onions, sesame seeds and more sriracha because Phillip likes his food HOT, and serve:

     Sometimes I feel we’re totally oversimplifying these things when we do them, but this is one of those things that is really just as easy as putting the food in the pot in the proper quantities and order.  Using a rotisserie chicken …
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Just Spell My Name Right

I am not famous for a living.
Shit, I am not famous for free.
I guess you could venture as far as to say I am not famous at all.
     There was a time in my younger days where I would legit get angry when people talked about me.  I really didn’t want the attention, mainly because it was usually negative.  Not that there is this aura of negative around me, but I watch people enough to know that when they’re discussing people and not places/things/ideas, then that conversation is very rarely positive. I learned, though, that you can’t stop ‘em from talking.  What you can, however, control is what they have to talk about.  It makes sense to me that if a motherfucker is trying to hang me, the last thing I want to give them is more rope.

1 – Don’t tell ANYONE everything you know.      Some shit ain’t for everybody.  Some shit ain’t for anybody.  If ever, these days I find myself at a juncture where I can’t tell betwixt the two, the world will be largely uninjured by ALL being treated…
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