1,250 Days

Counting off

If we’re going to keep it 100
I feel like I need to come up with 99 ways in 98 days Seems I’m forced to 97 reasons to deal with 96 cretins
95 destructive elements come in to uproot…
… my 94 productive attempted inputs
I came in with the goal of 93 rhymes
Shit, I might scrap the whole thing 92 times
Welcome to the great state of NC, 91° in the shade! Well, 90% humidity…  We do not have it made!
89 is the percentage of the chance you’re taking mine
Seems like good odds, but believe I ate 80 of the last ones who tried [Phlip note: see what I did there?]
87, they say, is an unlucky number
So I’ll just 86 it, man what a bummer
Hey, I remember ’85, Kareem and Magic took it home!
84 – I am beginning to regret even starting this poem

“High of 83°,” is this even August?
82 year-old senators deny climate change is what to call this
Nine added nine times is 81, that’s simple math mathematics
Jerry Rice wore #80, y’all knew I would add this
Since 79, I’ve made a mockery of these proceedings
Including …
1,251 Days

True Story©... The Burden of TMI

Sometimes I ROYALLY fuck things up, despite beginning with the greatest of intentions…
One time back in, what, 2009-2010ish?  I posted a status on FB with the intentions of posting some of what came back to me here.  I never quite got the number of responses I wanted, so I never managed to get a post up and going.
     I am having a hard time locating that post, but basically it asked “if you could write a letter to your 13 year-old self, what would you say?”
Some responses were comical (“don’t go to work on [day] so that bitch won’t fire you…”), some were poignant (“kids are mean, don’t let those boys in 3rd grade damage you forever…”) and some seemed to miss the point altogether.
     One time, three years later, I went back to the email I received from one person and thought over it.
[Phlip note: I removed names to protect the guilty parties]

(apologies, I normally downsize images, but this one needs to be seen in full)

     Look, I’ve known dude since we were kids.  …
1,252 Days

Hotep... The Video Game

I used to think it was only Hollywood that didn’t love us.  I am coming to find out that apparently video games are much the same.  Want some more of the Black Friend© Pet Negro™ Happyslave Junction?  Fire up your game console and wait for the rare black character to come across the screen.
     We decided to come up with our own community-based solution to the problem. Hotep…  The Video Game.
I lack in the skills necessary to make this myself, so I am yet shopping the idea around to various game houses.  I tried selling to the guys who made me wait 94 months for the painfully average Mighty No 9, but they still won’t return my messages.  I know they need the money! I figured I would start with 5 levels and each would end with a “boss battle” of some sort.

Level One – “Break The Chains”:
     In this level, you enter on the ground floor.  We place you in situations that place your Wokeness® into question and must choose the higher path.  For the sake of this level, the goal is to make…
1,253 Days