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Welcome to Some houskeeping

It was brought to my attention Wednesday and again yesterday that a couple of things that I thought were pretty obvious were not so much so… With that, I will spend a few words this morning explaining them.
1 – I believe in continuity and make a point of supporting it with tags and links back to prior posts or to whatever outside element will clarify a statement.Links will look like this and will be set to open in a new tab/window so you don't lose your spot in a post.
Tags can be found under every post:

[Note: tags will be both topical and comical, so don’t be alarmed]
2 – Only those who KNOW know what and what not to accept as bare-assed truth, with the exception of food posts.  Remember that I have a jacked up sense of humor and sometimes laugh at real shit and we’re all good.  When you want to come at my neck for supporting R. Kelly(<-- almost="" got="" i="" killed="" me="" one="" that="" twice="&quo…
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True Story© The Misadventures of Mr. Moe Phillips

I make a point of not putting my picture, location, or naming where I work in these tales…
Frankly, I know some of what I say is provocative, I happen to be a SEXY motherfucker and I really don’t need the general public to have that kind of access to me.  Contact methods can be found on the page and we can carry all media requests from there.  Don’t bother asking for money, because I happen to be broke.
     So I am in Wal Mart last week picking up a couple of things for the household(s) and I get a tap on the shoulder from a young lady.  Apparently, a friend of hers had read my earlier post about helping the guy out of a shitty situation in that same store and shared with her timeline.
As much as I appreciate you all sharing, sometimes I feel as if I am digging my own damned grave.
Her: “H-…  Hi.  Your name’s Moe right?” Me: *looks for potential escape routes/murder weapons* “Um, yeah!” Her: “You sure?” Me: “Yeah, pretty sure.  Who’s asking?” Her: “A fried of a friend.  I read about …
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