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"Swine Flu"?

I am to understand that this whole thing has been possible -- while rare -- to occur in people who may handle pigs. The possibility has seen some infections to those people, but even rarer have been the passage of this from human to human.
Well I ain't buying it.
There is something deeper to this shit. Enter "Phlip the conspiracy theorist."
How is it that the majority of the deaths in this have been in Mexico, where this is purported to have begun? Weren't we just bitching about border control and drug cartels? How convenient! We can't get people to stop smuggling day laborers across the border, so we make EVERYONE deathly fucking afraid of the "swine flu" as a means of beefing up border security. Hell, increase hostilities towards Mexicans in the states, be they legal or no, for fear of the "swine flu" while you're at it.
Hell, it worked for the "war on terror," I wonder how many people didn't get on cabs because they KNEW it wa…

I am (sadly) exercising my right to be unimpressed

Many of my 5 readers know that I am an avid listener and collector of music. This has taken me to the point where I own several hundred, probably closer to a thousand CD's... There was a time where I would make a point of pre-screening Sunday's sales papers to see what albums would be in what stores to see where I would be making purchases to get the most content for the least money. Sad, though, is the remaining fact that this "me" just stopped buying new music within the last 8 months!
Yes, people, even in the face of the whole tax thing, I would at least allow myself my last boon to my sanity, to spend ten bucks on a CD here and there.

Then everyone started making shitty albums. I am looking through album release dates last year and noticing how few albums I allowed myself to liberate 10-12 moneys each for and the list is as follows.

February 8: Chaundon - "Carnage"
Far and away, in my opinion my favorite hip hop album released last year. I DL'd it based…

Working with my hands - Racer X Shooting Star (and a funny story)

Story time with uncle Phlip... Gather round, kiddies.

One Sunday last May, I went to Toys R Us after church and liberated 24.97 moneys plus sales tax for this:

Disappointment ensued, as they did not have the Shooting Star to match it at the time of purchase. I would come home and the ONLY place that had it for purchase at the time was Amazon, but this was right at the time I went into my situation with the dept of revenue, along with the brakes on my car shitting the bed and a couple other things, all at once, so I forgot about the mission.
Some of you may actually read my MySpace blogs, but I half-jokingly expressed interest in the Ertl shooting star on Amazon in one of my random thoughts blogs back in October, a couple weeks after meeting my now-girlfriend that I wanted it.
Christmas comes and she'd bought it for me, see it here:

Fast forward to a point I made last week, where when I was looking for something in my closet, I found...

... of the Ertl "American Muscle Body Shop&quo…

Working with my hands -- 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396

Okay, exercising the coupon I scored on the internets, I went to the Hobby Lobby and liberated 10.80 moneys for a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 coupe.
I would ban any of your mothers from the planet for a wagon, but meh...
Very straightforward on the assembly, no surprises or anything of that nature.

Before cracking open the packaging:

Interior panels, front/rear glass, rear view mirror and bumpers installed:

Interior consists of putting seat backs on, nothing more:

Decision time, brushed or chrome?:

That's right, I defied the brown-people urge to put chrome on it... I mean, if I could have ruined the car by lifting it and putting 30" wheels on it, then I might have gone for the chrome.

Yes, just that simple, I am done with this one now:

And now I can wipe my fingerprints off of it...


When the state of NC finds it on their hearts to give me the fucking money they have been extorting me as a means to get a no-interest loan paid back as the fuck they feel lik…

Saturday adventure.

Today's "adventure" was fun...
We didn't do a whole lot, she was running a little late after class, so I ventured out on my own for much of the morning after Preston and I finished the yard at the church 2 others right next door to it... I mixed looking for cars in with my grocery/sundries shopping, and wound up with a few (10) Matchbox cars and a couple of (4) Hotwheels.

14 cars, 14 bucks, gotta love it...

Then when Katie arrived, she drove and we went to eat dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in Durham, then walked around a bit, and went into this little shop where I would happen upon a Barack Obama bobblehead:

... and a DIY action figure, which I will have to paint myself:

(no biggie, I have a ton of model paint here in the house)

And the jewel of my weekend, understandable by those who know my obsession with all things Lego, she bought me:

That's right, fam, Lego Minifig pen... I don't know if I want to actually open it or not.

... DAMN, that's IT!!!
No more blo…

Long week, bored to shit.... Let's talk about it

Gonna take the peoples for a ride today...
Well, not really or literally, but do not be surprised if I am caught rambling on this one, I need to be doing something with my brain and hands to avoid snapping off on someone and losing my job...

**********Why must I weep for my people?**********
Sunday in church, there was a lot of speaking before the sermon because it was Easter of course... My siblings (and now my girlfriend) and I have basically learned to sit and wait on someone to BRUTALLY butcher the English language every Sunday. Luckily for us, that individual is never the pastor, but it happens with one of those speakers, weekly without fail.
This week's words were "unbeknowingly" and "afrightened."
Yeah, I know. Katie looked at me as soon as old dude said the first one and says "unbeknownst, maybe?" and we all got a chuckle out of it.
A good while later, someone READING A SCRIPTURE drops "afrightened" on us. I kind of missed it, because I wa…

Working with my hands -- 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air

Funny story:
Earlier this evening, I was looking in my closet for something a forum member had asked someone for in the marketplace earlier today... I had gotten the item in question expecting to need it, then changed my mind, so it was among the items chillin in my closet with the shoes and VHS porn and such...
Anyway, I had to move a box that I knew contained plastic model cars and airplanes and the like. I opened it, and of course had to ask myself "what in the hell?" then thought back to why I would have the item.
I remembered 2 Christmases ago, my pops was shopping for my niece and nephews for gifts and I (or my sister, I forget which) drove to Wal Mart. I saw a car and it was pretty inexpensive, I had a couple dollars in my pocket and was poised to buy it, I put it in the cart, then bumped into this girl I was trying to put the moves on at the time, so I leave Regina and pops with the cart... For the record, no I didn't get any action out of Tamika either, dammit. At …

The "Mixtape"

At the request of someone who will not be named, I have dug in the archives and compiled all the poor-taste pictures I could find on the subject at hand, placing them into one blog.
Sure, I know it is not funny, but a trainwreck isn't supposed to be entertaining either. The way I see it, their attempts to make it look like they're working shit out serves to downplay the seriousness of the situation, so I will gladly heave jokes up at their expense.
I present to you, Chris Breezy the Bitchslapper.

(heheh, get it?)