Working with my hands -- 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396

Okay, exercising the coupon I scored on the internets, I went to the Hobby Lobby and liberated 10.80 moneys for a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 coupe.
I would ban any of your mothers from the planet for a wagon, but meh...
Very straightforward on the assembly, no surprises or anything of that nature.

Before cracking open the packaging:

Interior panels, front/rear glass, rear view mirror and bumpers installed:

Interior consists of putting seat backs on, nothing more:

Decision time, brushed or chrome?:

That's right, I defied the brown-people urge to put chrome on it... I mean, if I could have ruined the car by lifting it and putting 30" wheels on it, then I might have gone for the chrome.

Yes, just that simple, I am done with this one now:

And now I can wipe my fingerprints off of it...


When the state of NC finds it on their hearts to give me the fucking money they have been extorting me as a means to get a no-interest loan paid back as the fuck they feel like it, I will begin putting these in display cases. All to be featured on shelving whenever I can get my credit back together and I can buy a house instead of paying rent.
I am running short on space in the top of my closet, I will have to co-opt the top of the others, avoiding the living room one so as to keep these out of the view of children who may mistake them for toys.


SenTora said…
I do like that one. If I were a car person & knew where I could get one I would. But very nice nonetheless.

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