Would you rather... A discussion

With the success of last week's QOTD, I decided that I would probably make a point of dropping one of those on Facebook, email and yaddayaddayadda about every time I can think of one.
Today's comes in the wake of Tiger Woods' epic bitch move in apologizing in the face of not having actually broken any laws.
[Phlip note - more on that in a later post]

The question presented was

"in the wake of all this tiger talk... would you rather your significant other cheat on you or just leave?"

Of course, as with anything, when I am soliciting the opinions of others on these things, I asked people to be as specific as possible when answering. As usual, I emailed the question to some people who might not have access to my Facebook as well to get a full and well-rounded group of answers. Diversity, if you will.

My first respondent this time was the homie Tony Grands via email, with:
"I'd rather she leave. I'm selfish, & don't generally play well with others. Especially when it involves my genitals & emotions."

After him was La'Donicca, with:
"If he cheats, he might as well leave. Even if he left for someone else, there'd be a lot less shit talk when it comes down to it, I think. Plus, if you're cheating, you're already gonna get fired. Whatever typed of 'addiction' excuses one can come up with is, to me, no excuse for irresponsibility."

Then came a co-worker Jackie, with:
"He better go because if he doesn't...I am the queen of super glue and that sucker has to sleep sometime...I will glue that thing to his tummy...I can be a crazy woman!!"
[Phlip note - crazy woman indeed... I fear for her husband, even if he doesn't cheat]

Then was former co-worker, Tiffany, with:
"hmmm....since I am single, it may be unfair to answer a question like this. I would say, in my moment of clarity without a 'significant other', that I would prefer them leave. However, when you love someone unconditionally, the answer to the question becomes a bit more complicated than that. It possibly would depend on the circumstances...was it a brief moment of weakness, or is it a pattern? Was it with someone who my "significant other" is attached to emotionally, or was this some random hoochie he met one night? Was he discrete about it, or did everyone know about his indiscretion(s) before me, including my son? I wouldn't want my child to know...ever...that may be the deal breaker for me. In short, the answer for me is....it depends."

After her, was my cousin Gloria:
"Please leave. What's the point of being someone's significant other if you are sharing yourself with others. AIDS and all other STDs are real!"

Of course I would not do one of these without speaking to my side of it...
I am one of those 'touch and go' type of people. If things have reached the point where one feels that they need to seek the congress of someone else, or worse still invite them into the home, then they should leave. This would naturally be right in line with me not being very partial to attacks on my ego.
That being said, it should be quite obvious where I stand on this one. The urge to seek the arms of another is cause enough for conversation. No, the conversation does not have to consist of "baby, I was thinking about going out and fuckin' somebody else" so much as speaking directly to the issue that has you wanting to and then working on it from there.
Any relationship worth saving is worth working to save. Cheating is a betrayal of trust, and one of the first tenets of trusting is being trustworthy yourself, at least in my mind it is. If one will willingly put themselves in such a position, then they've already failed their relationship.

Again, the consensus on this one is the item that makes the most sense to me... Rather than take yourself or anyone else down through it, just end it.

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