AMERICAN (bout damn time) Automotive Pr0ns -- SSC Ultimate Aero TT

SSC = Shelby SuperCars...
Shelby = Caroll Shelby, the grand motherfucking daddy of sportscardom...
Shelby SuperCars = ... fuck, you get it.

The Ultimate Aero TT, therefore, is the top of the top of the motherfucking line.
Prototyped in 2004, debuted in 2006, continues to now, but only 25 total...
Under 3000 pounds, over 1000 (1183 to be exact), Berlinetta-styled coupe. Expect to unass about 5-600k for one of these.
Oh, and get some driving lessons, as electronic pussifications, such as anti-lock brakes and traction control will NOT be in the building for your most-of-a-million outlay.

Power comes courtesy of a Chevy Corvette (BLASPHEMY!!! Shelby is a Ford guy!) 6.2 liter twin turbo engine. 1183 horses and over 1000 pound-feet of torque. Anyone still miss that Ford motivation?
Me either...

I could go on and on about issues uninteresting to most of my 17 public and 4 private readers (yes, I have figured out how to see you too, though I can't identify you) and those who just come back when I link you on facebook, but I will spare you that shit, and make with the images.


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