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Michael Bay Must Die -- a rant

Okay, so I gave him a pass when it was said that he would be handling the Transformers franchise of movies. Sure, he had laid the unwatchable rotten eggs that were Pearl Harbor, Mystery Men and Armageddon, but had also given us the Bad Boys films as well.
Coyote Ugly wasn’t very good either, but the T&A aspect was apparently the saving grace in my then 21-year-old mind. Bastardization of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm St franchises have shown audiences that Michael Bay is obsessed with 3 things, apparently.Explody/blowuppy slow-motion scenesTittiesAliensLeft to my own devices, I have no problem with ANY of that. As kids, we were fine with the Transformers as robots from a land that we did not understand, but did not need to have a reason for their existence as long as we got good cartoons and bomb-ass toys out of it. To make a movie out of them, though, Michael Bay had to make them into “alien life forms.” Fair enough, he maintained the…