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Jay-Z, Obama and Magna Carta... Holy Grail

A non-secret is that Jay-Z has money and a lot of it.  It is rumored that his net worth is more than that of a certain Willard Mittens Romney.  Incredible, as Romney got his on the back of a wealthy daddy helping to provide the best education money could provide and Shawn Carter is doing so without even a high school diploma to speak of.  Another non-secret or meme within the rap world is that those with money – even a little bit of it – walk around with it under their arms to use a metaphor.  “If you have it, show it” they say.  In exacting this, a theme that frequently gets pulled is “I ain’t even GOT to rap,” as if we didn’t already know that it was rap that got them there in the first place. Anyway, never mind that…  Today, we’re talking about Jay-Z and his new album.  After the past 18 years of his life in rap, it is established that he, in fact, DOESN’T have to rap – or probably even ever work again – and his great-grandchildren will die wealthy too.  In spite of that fact, he an…

In the Kitchen with Phlip - Curry Chicken Pizza Roll

"Curry Chicken Pizza Roll,"  yes I said those words in that order and you didn't wake up from a dream.

Since the Bookface is trying hard to make me fat again with all the recipes and ideas people post all the time, sometimes I find myself in position to ape a recipe and turn it into something so different from what it started as that I need not even link what the inspiration was.  This is one of those times.

Day One:

For this, you will need:

The star of today's show, the seasonings:

Mix them together (quantities to be discussed below):
Let the big spoon there be your guide: 2 heaping spoons of the curry and one small one of the cayenne (cayenne to taste, it is actually optional but I like my curry spicy).  A good hefty dash each of the lemon pepper, onion powder and garlic powder and a light dash of the nutmeg (nutmeg is assertive).
Start a roux; enough oil to coat the bottom of a saucepan set to medium/hi heat, and when it is up to temp, two of the spoons full of all-…

In the Kitchen with Phlip x Dads at War -- "Don't throw out those leftovers!"

This is something I came up with 6 weeks ago...
I found myself faced with a fridge containing leftovers that I no longer wanted as they were at the time, but unwilling to throw out or give to the dog food that was still good.  I sat the Ava down in front of Yo Gabba Gabba and went to work.

Started with some boneless/skinless chicken breasts I'd had on that Monday...

And some cheesy coarse-mashed potatoes from that Wednesday...

Now, addressing the chicken, make with the knifework and dice it up as fine as you can make it go...

Line the cookie sheet with foil and (not pictured) hit it with the cooking spray...

Panko bread crumbs and go ahead and put that oven on 400 now)...

(not pictured) simply fold into and mix the chicken and potatoes together, add some cheese if you're feeling sporty and pat out into 2.5"x1" patties, then dip into the bread crumbs to cover completely hit the tops of them with that cooking spray one last time to aid in crisping...

(40 minutes later)…

Dads At War -- $ave on your Grocery Expen$e$

Today, I am teaching a lesson…

This past weekend in line with the release of the Galaxy S4, I joked on the social networks about the unemployed people who have no actual income but always have money for new fly shit and how I stretch my money to make sure that I myself can afford at least some of the fly shit that I desire.  Yeah, I was being TOTALLY judgmental.
Well, one of the things that I mentioned doing is that I can make $100 worth of groceries last 3-5 weeks.  I assure you that people on Facebook see what I am capable of cooking and eating more than those who may be trawling my blog.                 Rather than spend time on the humor in my taking these people to task, the conversation turned to just HOW in the hell I am making $100 go just THAT far.  The rest of the conversation turned to me explaining how and why most of what people lose in their grocery budget goes right into the trashcan, literally.  Waste from cooking too much and seeing the leftovers go bad is the #1 cul…

In the Kitchen with Phlip -- Chicken/Feta Meatballs

I advise that this will be another of one of my short ones of these.  It was seriously just that simple to construct and do…
Simplicity is not without cost, though.  Let’s start with a cast of characters:
(Ground chicken, chicken sausage, chipotle Panko breadcrumbs, Feta cheese, and ranch dressing mix.In observance of my granddaddy’s birthday last weekend, I am opting for brown eggs this week.That is $17 in supplies and I have not even gotten to the sauces yet.)
Before doing anything, put the chicken sausage through your mini-chopper and chop it up as completely and finely as possible.There is not a picture of this step in the process because it really is that simple and a mini chopper can be had for less than $10 at Wal Mart so you should already have one.
Now for the easy part, EVERYBODY IN THE POOL!!!
(Yes, simple as that.Put everything in the mixing bowl, add a couple dashes of hot sauce of your choosing and (an option I visited) Worcestershire sauce, then mix everything t…

In the kitchen with Phlip -- oven-crispy catfish nuggets

The sweet thing about this post will be how little it actually wound up costing.  I honestly had no plans when I went to the store to make it, but when I walked past the fish, it was priced so perfectly that I could not have left it there.  I went into the store with intentions on getting something simple and inexpensive to cook and it was ABOUT to involve some chicken and probably potatoes, but then this happened.
Cast of characters…
3 small packages of farm-raised catfish (wild catfish are fucking disgusting bottom feeders) nuggets  ($1.33, $1.35 and $1.45, respectively):

½ cup of lemon or lime juice ($1.79 for the bottle):

Call your mom on the way home from the store and raid her cupboard for a few handfuls of Jingos and cheez-it crackers ($0.00):

½ cup vinaigrette of your choosing ($0.00, already in the house):

Seasonings of your choosing ($0.00, already in the house):

(not pictured) 3-5 dashes of Worcestershire sauce and about the same amount of oil (vegetable, olive, canola…

In the kitchen with Phlip -- Shrimp Cakes!

This is a concept that I have ATTEMPTED three times before finding success with it.  I would say “with varying degrees of success,” but I would hardly refer to anything that even I left the situation saying “it was good, but not like earth-shattering or anything…” myself as a success.
It turns out quite simply that I was overthinking it.
            Inspired by the mountain of leftovers back at Christmas – and a meatball recipe I'd devised ONLY for the holidays but have been demanded to revisit – I realized that this would be DEAD-ass simple.
You will need…
2 bags of peeled, deveined, tail-off RAW shrimp:
(did y’all notice that bags of shrimp are now coming in 12oz instead of a pound these days?)
You WILL need to use raw, because already-cooked shrimp will be too tough when you finish.

1 box of Stovetop Stuffing:
(I preferred the Savory Herbs one, but you can use whichever you choose)

1 medium-sized yellow onion:

Seasonings to your taste, minced garlic, ⅔-cup chicken stock, ¼ …