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True Story©... Trading War Stories

I have learned that while people SAY that they want a better life than they previously had, they really only want to have a better life than others.  Selfish as this may be, it just is what it is.  To be honest, I used to be like that.  I found that karma and whatever else you believe in would begin to catch up with me and that the desire simply not to come in last was not enough. Now, I want EVERYONE to be as great as possible, even if that means some people will be better than me.  I think that is a part of leaving the world a better place than you found it.
     I have personally tended to shirk the concept of “seek help” or “see a therapist,” I have literally monstered through every one of these fucked up situations that have presented themselves in my life.  I might or might not be a mess as a result of it, to be honest.
But I try to do the right thing.  In situations where there might not be a “do” as far as right things go, I do or say what I feel might fix the situation.
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I am not joking, I mean this shit.
This man has played Jackie Robinson in 2013’s 42.  He played James Brown in 2014’s Get on Up.  Fuck, he was one of seven Black people who got real camera time in 2016’s Gods of Egypt and just might be the only one who was actually allowed to play an actual god!
Further, we have seen him make more Black people care about comic book movies with his portrayal as T’Challa/Black Panther in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War and in the upcoming eponymous Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War movies.
     I thought of this post on Saturday when one of my wives my lady took me to see Marshall in the movies.  The trailer for Black Panther played before the movie and this naturally made it more obvious (to me, at least) that with the above-listed movies an even MORESO after watching and LOVING Marshall (for real, y’all go pay money to see this), Chadwick Boseman is fast entering Hotep Hero status and is worthy of the best protection available.
1.Don’t l…
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2017-18 NBA Tip-Off!!!

After an off-season that seems to have never actually ended and with a season ahead of us full of seemingly foregone conclusions, the NBA season is back on tonight with two pretty highly-touted games.  Boston and Cleveland will tip off the season at 8pm, a game of interest with the movement and back-and-forth between the teams late in the offseason.  That will be followed at 10:30pm by the up-and-coming Houston Rockets taking on the defending champion Golden State Warriors.
It’s as if the NBA schedule writers KNEW the NFL would be mired in knee-deep shit with the protests and beefing with the fuckboy in chief 45 and decided to throw out some games of interest right from the start. As much time as I would love to expound on the virtues of basketball, I am already 138 words in and I have a short attention span.  I will get right to the NBA season predications.

Rookie of the Year
     LaVar Ball, Los Angeles Lakers…  No, that was not a typo.  I am well aware that LaVar has never pla…

Phood Phun with Phl--... Nah, with Mimi - Soul-Healing Chicken Soup

Y’all read the title right…  I sat this one out, Mimi took over the kitchen and made this one while I ran my mama’s errands and stewed over something that I was expecting to happen anyway. Never mind that though.  She soldiered on these and deserves all of the credit.  This is a soup she made a long time ago when she was still trying to get me.  Since we have happened upon fall weather, it is time for soups and the like.  Really easy to make, especially if you are in possession of a crock pot you can set and adjust from the couch or from another ZIP code on the other side of town.
      Let me take a moment to discuss how amazing crock pot liners are too.  Rather than dirtying up your crock pot, you put in a bag that will be resistant to the heat, cook in it, get all the food out of it and then toss the bag in the trash.  Cleanup from there might consist of a good hot water rinse. No more games…  Let’s cook.
                                                 You will need: 1 cup …
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My (almost) Every October PSA

A repost of mammarial proportions... (yes, I know that "mammarial" is not a word, or was not until now) I'd originally posted this blog on MySpace in October 2007, and as the date draws near again my mind has not changed one little bit, nor has the importance of the subject at hand, so here goes... 

Do you know what this week is?

According to NYC Cancer Prevention, the 3rd Friday in every October is "National Mammography Day."
I know what you're thinking, "But Phillip, you don't have titties," and the jokes of my man-boobs are damn near moot, as they are just about gone now. I DO have a sense of humor about myself and I know that I am still not a small person by any stretch of the imagination, but I digress...

I have taken on the vigil to make sure that no woman misses out on their mammogram this coming Friday. I work for a company in the healthcare industry, so I am 100% sure and clear of the shortcomings in availability and affordabilit…

On Respect...

Far too many people think respect is something to be traded, like a commodity in the market or some shit like that.
The only thing you should be trading for respect is respectability.  What have you shown the world as your reason they should respect you?  What deplorable things have you NOT done?  What in your daily life would a reasonable person NOT feel less reasonable for respecting?
Yes, I know that respectability – and/or a lack thereof – is no longer a deciding factor in whether or not one is allowed to be the one chosen to pretend to run the country.   No need to remind me. I don’t, will not, and can not believe in “you give respect to get respect.”  The reason is quite simple.
I will offer a metaphor.  I come from humble beginnings, have made major mistakes and have gotten a grasp on all of my shit to keep together a decent life for my child and family.  Sometimes that is in spite of myself, but the worst of it has been placed behind me and my work involves leaving it th…
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True Story©... The Wrath of 45 -- Clapback Season

As some of you may or may not be aware of, Eminem came out of whatever this retirement thing he has been apparently in and out of to rain hellfire and damnation on the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at the BET Awards Tuesday night.
If you did not see it live or have not viewed it in your FB feed since airing, here it is:

After that happened, my social media timelines were on fire with people wondering JUST how (or if) 45 would respond.  I’m bullshitting, everyone just KNEW he would, it was a matter of when.  If you follow me on FaceBook, you have seen 45 direct his ire at various opponents in rap battles, presented through his WILDLY active Twitter.  Apparently, he also has a SPECIAL Twitter account that only allows certain Tweets to be seen by certain people. Well, he responded to Em on THAT channel and BOY did he go in!

     It seems to me that The Notorious DJT (or his ghost writer) is not to be trifled with by the likes of these little rapper types after all.
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Hotep Football

Not that such sensibilities mean much to The Ankh-Right, but it has come to our attention that apparently some Black folks are refusing to watch football this season due to the downplaying of Black Social Issues at the hands of the white owners and fans, despite the fact that 70% of the league’s players being brown?
Not to say things like “I told you so,” but who the fuck is surprised that these white billionaires and legions of uneducated “45” voters who would rather watch football than NASCAR on Sundays?
We ain’t with the boycott.  At least not for the reasons these other coons are…  Want to talk about it?  Here we go.
-The man who started this all is a damn lightskinnded.  The same brand of which that we get to see come in and save the day in EVERY Tyler Perry movie.  If the brotha who kicked this all off – intentional pun totally not intended – had been darker, then perhaps we would think that this was in earnest, but this reeks of “white savior,” a concept we will revisit…
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^^^ That's in all caps, so you have to do it!

     Every day or three, I am forwarded a message with the words “let’s make this go viral!”
Every day, I refuse to forward that message or participate in the “going viral” of said message.
Well, my blog has (as I type this sentence) 919 published posts since February of 2009.  My most popular post has 13,774 views and most of those came from a guy sharing the post on a forum because his car was featured.  Not viral.
Since my return last year, my most popular post was the Good Times post a couple of weeks ago [link].  Still not viral.
    I make a point every couple or few weeks informing the populace that I will not participate in the sharing of articles (usually unread by the sharer), pictures (usually not understood by the sharer), videos (usually unwatched by the sharer) or any other posts until I see one of MY posts “go viral.”
I will share what interests me, I will share the stories I have read, I will share the memes I und…

Phood Phun With Phlip - Parmesan Paprika Fish and Brussels Sprouts with Lemon Pepper Cream Sauce

Welcome back and thank you for your patience while we were making power moves.
Tonight’s dish will be pretty simple to make and doesn’t take long to make at all. Mimi came up with this one on the way to making something else, varying a dish she made for us a while ago and throwing a few variations at it.
For this, you will need: 1lb fish, we used Tilapia. 1/3 cup parmesan 1tbsp of paprika

That will be enough to coat about 8 pieces of the fish. Bake those in the oven or on your Nuwave.
     While that is in.  Melt 1/2-stick of butter in a pan and cut your Brussels sprouts in half, sauté the sprouts in your pan adding salt and pepper to taste.

And now we make a sauce… You will need the zest and juice of one lemon, 1.5tbsp of butter.
  Put those in the pan and melt them together, before adding 8oz of heavy cream and ½ tsp cracked black pepper.
  Heat to a simmer, then turn the heat up a touch when you get close to serving time to thicken.  When your sauce coats the back of your spoon, you’re goo…
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Out of the Desert

“A person who has only known the desert has no good reason to miss the trees” ~Me, just now
     I say that to say that you never know what you DIDN’T have before until you actually have it. A recent VERY candid conversation with a tiny friend of mine under one of  her FB posts led to my discussion of how I handled the end of my last two prior relationships.  I don’t understand stress eating, except I do.  With me, I'd stress drink, and anyone who has been inebriated before understands “intoxicated bored eating.”  Throw in a bit of depression and work-related stress and you don’t leave the house except for work and supplies.  In my comment, I explained how I had gone down through this to the point where it caused me an illness that I have since shaken, and I have since lost all of the weight I gained to boot.  Lifestyle changes and such, I hope y'all are reading about some of it on Tuesdays. I credited my current lady with helping me back from it, and my tiny friend asked me w…
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Writing about Writing Vol. 5

Two words that it took me a 3-years-plus hiatus to learn the importance of were “support system.”
Surround people who have something invested in your passion.  No, not (necessarily) a financial investment, but someone who cares that you care.  They can know their lane and understand that to mean to stand aside and let you be busy at it, they can accept an active role if one is to be had, an advisory role if one is solicited or if nothing else, someone to pat you on the back and tell you you’re doing a good job when you’ve done one in their opinion.

My mother: NEVER has she ever thought I was funny, and she has never been shy about telling me so.  More frequently, of late she has been letting me know at Sunday dinner that I am doing a wonderful job of getting her laughs out of her.
Hotep Wednesdays are her favorite.
My sisters:  Avid readers, the both of them.  One is mostly non-respondent to everything on the planet until there is an actual affront or something to be concerned with.  Her…
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True Story©... A Million First Dates

There are always times that people can be tested.  Apparently being a people watcher and all-around curmudgeon all of these years has made me pretty good at testing people for their commitment to what is important to me.
Sure, there was the one time I messed that up, but we all slip here and there and it is best that we simply learn from it and get on with our lives. Anyway…
     You know what is worse than a first date in general?  A BAD first date?  For every first date that ends in surprise sex that you didn’t have to ASK her for will be the one who has printed a list of terroristic demands that she has come up with with the assistance of her miserable friends who want to make sure she stays miserable with them.
For every lunch date that turns into 3 hours chilling in the park, there is the one who complains about the restaurant and every other little thing she can come up to in her short-sighted-ass conversation. These are the ones you can’t WAIT to end. But what if a date START…
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Hotep Proposals

We’ve gone on about the need for the strong Black family unit capitalizing on the fact that potential queens outnumber available kings by a wide margin.  No need to present any figures on that one, just believe it.
Or research it yourself and come back here when you’re ready.
     Heck, we even wrote a beautiful poem about it one time.
But the question seems to remain for some reason, “how?” We’ve decided that today will be the day we focus on the answer to that question.

     First thing’s first…
You have to find the first one and work from there.  Meet her wherever you meet women.  The mall, Wal Mart Target, HBCU Homecomings, churches, WHEREVER. That’s the easy part.  The hard part, now is getting her on board with your vision.  You’re going to have to sell her some dreams.  “Dreams,” as things so happen to be, are pretty much standard.  The house and kids things are a good place to start.
Once she is in the fold, the task of getting more queens involved is a group effort, not…