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Hotep... The Video Game

I used to think it was only Hollywood that didn’t love us.  I am coming to find out that apparently video games are much the same.  Want some more of the Black Friend© Pet Negro™ Happyslave Junction?  Fire up your game console and wait for the rare black character to come across the screen.
     We decided to come up with our own community-based solution to the problem. Hotep…  The Video Game.
I lack in the skills necessary to make this myself, so I am yet shopping the idea around to various game houses.  I tried selling to the guys who made me wait 94 months for the painfully average Mighty No 9, but they still won’t return my messages.  I know they need the money! I figured I would start with 5 levels and each would end with a “boss battle” of some sort.

Level One – “Break The Chains”:
     In this level, you enter on the ground floor.  We place you in situations that place your Wokeness® into question and must choose the higher path.  For the sake of this level, the goal is to make…
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Phood Phun With Phlip - Breakfast Muffins

I find what works and I stick with it until it doesn’t work anymore.  I eat this for breakfast most weekdays and I have for several months.  It is a high protein, easy to carry food that doesn’t cost a ton of money to make.
And they're dead simple to make!

First you will need:
5 eggs Meat(s) of your choosing...  We used some diced chicken breast and turkey smoked sausage.
1/2 cup of shredded cheese
Cream cheese is amazing in these too Onions and peppers, diced (or spinach, kale, mushrooms, zucchini, radishes, tomatoes/salsa...  be creative, switch it up!)

     Spray a mini loaf tin with nonstick spray and put in your non-egg items:

Add half the cheese on top of that, then pour in the scrambled eggs, then top with the rest of the cheese:

Place into a waiting 350 degree oven, and bake until the eggs are good and set:

Cut your loaves into even portions, sectioned out into how many ever breakfasts you intend to consume that week:

Let them cool and put them into a ziplock bag…
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Some Words on Sean Price's Imperius Rex

Duck Down Records

In the mid-90s, I was a high schooler. I feel a certain way about the hip hop I allow myself to consume.
Summer 1996, Heltah Skeltah released Nocturnal, an album unlike anything I had heard to that time and I was a fan. At the time, I thought Rockness was the better lyricist of the two but they were both entertaining enough as a collective to hold my attention. I HAD to have listened to that album every day senior year.
Things happened, the duo split for a while and Sean Price started making solo albums...
Great. Fucking. Solo. Albums.
He was new to many, but simply getting better at his craft to the ones who remembered.
Unfortunately, on August 8, 2015 Sean passed in his sleep.
On the second anniversary of his passing, we get his second posthumous release, titled Imperius Rex. The conventional album release day used to be Tuesdays but that was abandoned by most a couple of years ago. I am going to go with the coincidence of the release date, anniversary of his passing an…


I am a confusing being… I know I am difficult, yet I pride myself in the simplicity that I tend to operate in.
When I was 11, we left my pops...

When I was 12, I dreamt up two plans… 1 – when the moment arrives, any child I sire will be left with no question of preference, nor would they live in a dearth of attention. 2 – when I get the words confounding my head in order, I WILL entertain the masses with what I am thinking.
To thought number 1… I am the middle child in birth order, do your research and understand that this is a real thing.  I live in two families that are each colorstruck, and lived not light or dark enough for full inclusion on either side.  I was left to make my own way.  My baby knows not these problems.  She asks for my attention, she gets it.  She doesn't ask for my attention, she still gets it.  Suffice it to say, I take to this daddy thing seriously enough to not repeat the things that broke me growing up.
And 2… I was never anyone’s favorite…
My twin was the th…
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True Story© Conflict/Resolution

Being mad and angry will sap the energy out of a person.  I don’t have a lot of that to spare, and none laying around just to be giving out and shit, so I tend to no let things get to me a lot of the time.  The beauty of staying cool under the heat is how that in itself is enough of a response to send whomever is acting out deeper into their rage.  Try it when you get bored.
     Another thing I do is apply silly humor to an otherwise serious conversation if I feel it might head in a direction that might soon turn too ugly.  Mainly, this is done to make someone who did not want to be amused laugh at you anyway to diffuse a situation.
Scene 1: Mimi: “Phillip…” Me: “Yes, dear?” Mimi: “I appreciate you cooking, but how, I mean how is there food on the CEILING?” Me: “My creativity is not the type to be easily contained.” Mimi: “Well can it be cleaned up after?  How come when I cook, I wash dishes but when you cook, I wash dishes?” Me: “…” Mimi: “Hello?” Me: “Do you really want to hurt me?” Mimi…
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A Hotep Bedtime Story

Dad: “Alright, baby…  It’s time for bed.  Brush your teeth and come on so I can tuck you in.”
Daughter: “But daddy…”
Dad: “No, no buts.  I gotta get you to school and your mothers to work in the morning.”
Daughter: “I just wanted you to tell me a bedtime story.”
Dad: “Oh…  Okay.  You all tucked in?”
Daughter: “Yeah.”
Dad: “Well…  Once upon a time, there was a revolutionary man who knew that there was nothing to be gained in standing around in this world waiting for anyone to do for you what you wouldn’t – or as it were – couldn’t do for yourself.
Rather than begging for it from people who really had nothing invested emotionally in his success, he started a non-profit.  With it, he would open a school for young black boys and teach them to become standup black men.  What would happen from there would allow these brothers to grow to become strong black leaders who themselves would teach younger brothers after them to grow up to do the same and finally break the chains that has been dogging th…
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Phood Phun with Phlip... Lottery-Winning Chicken

More accurately, this should be named “Lottery-Winning Chicken FILLING” and I will explain why in a few.
For what seems like it should be an involved recipe, this was actually pretty simple.   First off, you will need supplies:
1 Large boneless/skinless chicken breast (or you can buy and deconstruct a rotisserie and use the chicken from that), finely chopped.
2tbsp cream cheese
1tsp minced garlic
¼ cup half-and-half
1 cup frozen cauliflower, roughly chopped
3tbsp pesto (or basil, should you lack pesto)
2tbsp sundried tomatoes, drained and chopped
1.5 cups Italian blend shredded cheese
Start with oil in a pan.  We used garlic-infused oil so we used 1tbsp, if you use regular oil, you might need two. Sauté the cooked chicken with the oil and garlic first:
Then add the half-and-half and cream cheese and cook until the cream cheese melts, then add EVERYTHING else (only 1 cup of the shredded cheese though):

Cook through until well mixed.Add salt and pepper as you cook to taste. Remove from the heat…
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A (real) Celebration of Life

Wait until a random Thursday and call your next of kin…
“[next of kin], I died in my sleep last night.  It is on you to plan this funeral.”
Hold on a minute, I know that seems morose as fuck, but I am going somewhere with this.
     When we’re at funerals, they tell us not to be sad because it is over, but to smile because it happened.  To celebrate the life of the loved one that you now have to bury and not to lament overt the loss.  What better way to celebrate a life than to do it while the person is still around and sentient to the love they’re receiving?
     Lady and gentleman, I present to you…  The living funeral.  It is not a concept I came up with, it is one I kind of read about daydreaming for this post.
The takeaway, though is let me have my flowers while I can still smell ‘em.
In my family, the day of a death, the phone calls are made post-haste with mind on getting the body into the ground as quickly as possible.  So if you make that call on Thursday, you might be looking at a…
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Writing About Writing Vol 3

Now that I have my muse, motivation and most importantly the support I need to do this, I am BEATING on my craft.
At home, I have someone I can bounce my ideas off of and instead of being met with indifference to even wanting to do it, I get feedback.
Sometimes it is “ehh...  I don’t know if I like that,” or "you're moving to quick to close the story out" or even just “you’re moving too fast, chill and perhaps let me read before you publish” when I make rookie mistakes that I normally don't but even those are better than turning and walking away.  What is most important is that I am being engaged in what I love to do.
It also motivates me to CONSTANTLY perfect my creative process.  I have often spoken about seeding scribes with ideas that I will use later.  Another thing I do is conceptualize and repeat things to myself until I can get back to a computer to type them out.
Support for my craft: the love of my life knows I have short term memory issues like Dory and…
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True Story©... Decoy Intel Tactics

While I am WILDLY guarded with my phone number, it has also not changed in almost 17 years, so people who had it in 2000-01 still have it.  What this tends to lead to in the days of smartphones is that a friend will get a new phone every once in a while and I get a text or phone call making sure it is still me connected to an otherwise unused (by them) phone number and then I won’t hear from them again until they clean up their phone again.
     When I got home from Mexico in June, I got one such call from my dude Rob…
*phone rings* Me: “yoooo…” Rob: “Yo…  Phlip?” Me: “Yeah, this me.  Whatup Bobby.” Rob: “Don’t start that shit again, ‘Phil’” Me: “Point taken, what’s good though?” Rob: “Not shit, just got this new phone and cleaning up the list.” Me: “Yeah, I haven’t endeavored any women crazy enough to need to change it.” Rob: “Heh.  Well I had another question though.” Me: “Yeah, what’s the deal?” Rob: “Well, more of a business opportunity.  You still doing the supervillain shit?” Me: “You k…